107 Steele Avenue
Hope, ND 58046 
TTY  1-800-366-6888

 Hope is located about 70 miles   northwest of Fargo in the   southwest corner of Steele County,   and has a population of about 300.   Hope has a K-12 school, several   manufacturing plants, housing   developments, and many tourist     attractions including the Steele   County Museum and the Hope Golf   Course.

​ We invite you come visit, work, and live in a great little   community! Our small town of   Hope is a great rural North Dakota   community we are proud to call   home!

Hope City Hall
107 Steele Ave
Hope ND 58046

  Mailing Address: 
PO BOX 189
Hope ND 58046

 City Council meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday  of every month at 7:00 a.m.  

 Contact Information:
 Hope City Hall  (701) 945-2772

​ Relay call (TTY) 1-800-366-6888 FREE

 Relay call voice users:
 (TDD) 1-800-  366-6889 FREE 

 Hope City Fax: 701-945-2220  

 Mayor - Pat Brown 

 Council Member - Perry Brown

 Council Member - Tim Johnson 

 Council Member - Darci McCullough

 Council Member - Ian Beaton 

 City Auditor - Charles Yanez

 Maintenance - Marvin Splettstoesser

Please contact CHARLES YANEZ to add your event or activity to the Hope Community Calendar. Please leave your complete contact information ( full name, address, with area code and phone number) or the right is reserved to refuse request.
Email: cityofhope@invisimax.com

 City of Hope

The Next City Council Meeting

November 10, 2020 at 7:00 am
at City Hall

Welcome to Hope North Dakota
The Hope Days Committee is saddened to announce that due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Hope Days 2020 has been cancelled. We hope everyone understands that with the strict large gatherings guidelines in place, we did not make this decision lightly. Thank you all for supporting Hope Days in the past, and we plan to make 2021 even better! Have a great summer and stay safe everyone.​
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Hi Hope Residents -

The Hope Park Board met today as we received guidance and general standards for the Hope Pool management, staff and patrons to adhere by.
For full understanding of the situation in reopening the pool; we have a number of items that will make it difficult, to nearly impossible, to open this season/per these guidelines. Some general things to note;
- Showers are mandatory as well as wiping the shower down after each use
- Bathrooms must be wiped down after each use
- Diving boards and slides would be off limits
- Any furniture, water toys or otherwise would need to be cleaned after each use
- Swimmers must remain 6 feet apart unless they are with a household group
- Lifeguards are to remain focused on life safety monitoring of swimmers, with additional staff made available to monitor social distancing
- Separate entrance and exit points
- Other items...
We are taking this time to work on a few needed updates; including a new roof on the bathhouse and a great new lining for the pool.
Considering this, as well as other factors, ai. lifeguard certification classes are still closed, we will be keeping the pool closed until further notice. We will be focusing on updating the roof and liner. We will continue to monitor the situation and will only consider opening the pool if the state guidelines were to change.
*There is no timeline on any of this. So, as of right now, please prepare for the pool to be closed until further notice. If we get towards the end of June with no changes, another decision will be made at that time.
Trevor McCullough, Chad Elbert, Carmen Richards, Tab Jacobsen ,Keith Ihry