107 Steele Avenue
Hope, ND 58046 
TTY  1-800-366-6888

 Hope is located about 70 miles   northwest of Fargo in the   southwest corner of Steele County,   and has a population of about 300.   Hope has a K-12 school, several   manufacturing plants, housing   developments, and many tourist     attractions including the Steele   County Museum and the Hope Golf   Course.

​ We invite you come visit, work, and live in a great little   community! Our small town of   Hope is a great rural North Dakota   community we are proud to call   home!

Hope City Hall
107 Steele Ave
Hope ND 58046

  Mailing Address: 
PO BOX 189
Hope ND 58046

 City Council meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday  of every month at 7:00 a.m.  

 Contact Information:
 Hope City Hall  (701) 945-2772

​ Relay call (TTY) 1-800-366-6888 FREE

 Relay call voice users:
 (TDD) 1-800-  366-6889 FREE 

 Hope City Fax: 701-945-2220  

 Mayor - Pat Brown 

 Council Member - Perry Brown

 Council Member - Tim Johnson 

 Council Member - Darci McCullough

 Council Member - Ian Beaton 

 City Auditor - Charles Yanez

 Maintenance - Marvin Splettstoesser

Please contact CHARLES YANEZ to add your event or activity to the Hope Community Calendar. Please leave your complete contact information ( full name, address, with area code and phone number) or the right is reserved to refuse request.
Email: cityofhope@invisimax.com

 City of Hope

The Next City Council Meeting

February 9, 2021 at 7:00 am
at City Hall

Welcome to Hope North Dakota
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