107 Steele Avenue
Hope, ND 58046 
TTY  1-800-366-6888
Announcements for Hope - Things to be aware of....
Hope City Council monthly meetings are scheduled on the second Tuesday of each month at Hope City Hall @ 7 am. 
Please check with Charles Yanez (City Auditor) to confirm dates if you plan to attend and need to be added to the agenda.
Did you know it is a Hope City Ordinance that you should have your pet licensed? 

Please contact the Hope City Auditor to license your pet. It costs $5.00 a year. (January to December each year). It is done to protect your pet and the citizens of Hope. Please remember to bring your proof of immunizations for your pet (rabies is required). Please note the ordinances are listed in a pdf form for your convenience as well as the application for the license.  Your cooperation is very much appreciated!

Do You Have Items To Go To The Dump? 
Contact Marvin at 701-840-8070 to enter the landfill. Click the button below to see fees for dumping. 
The City of Hope would like to hear from you if you have a suggestion or a complaint. Please click the appropriate button below to print the correct pdf form for your suggestion or concern. It is very helpful to sign the document so the council is able to discuss the issue with you in order to resolve the matter brought to their attention. Feel free to drop it in the drop box or mail it to Hope City Hall, PO Box 189, Hope ND 58046. Please contact city hall at 701-945-2772. We appreciate your input, and hope to find a positive solution for all involved parties.