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Hope, ND 58046 
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Hope Development Corporation
The Hope Economic Development Corporation strives to promote economic growth within the City of Hope. Members of the EDC work to improve quality of life and expand community development. A strategic plan was developed to identify community goals and ways to achieve them. Hope Strategic Plan

President: Kevin McCullough
Vice President: Keith Ihry
Treasurer/Secretary: Nick Brendemuhl
Members: Chris Visby, Scott Erickson, Dawn Flaten, Heather Jacobsen

Griggs-Steele Empowerment Zone

Lake Agassiz Regional Council

USDA Rural Development

Steele County JDA  

Steele County JDA Storefront Grant Application 

Steele County JDA Funding Request 

Steele County Property Appraisals - VANGUARD UPDATE: (December 21, 2017)

Vanguard reps are done with the residential data collection at this time. They will return back in the Spring of 2018 to start on Commercial property data collection and finish up the last few Residential property stragglers. BUT, as of now, they are done with their data collection for a couple months. The basic timeline is as follows:

  • Spring of 2018: Commercial/Industrial/Grain Elevators will have data collectors come out and ask to see the property/tour the property/do data collections

  • Early Fall of 2018: Review teams come out and go over each parcel of property (will review from the road, will not be asking for entry into properties) to do their quality assurance/control

  • Feb 1, 2019: valuations will be available for review for residents, township boards of equalization, etc

Thank you ALL for your understanding throughout this process. More to come at a later date, but have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!

Please contact Ben Gates with any questions.