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Hope, ND 58046 
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Renaissance Zone
In 1999, the North Dakota Legislative Assembly approved the Renaissance Zone Act to provide tax incentives to encourage community redevelopment and economic investment in both residential and commercial properties. 

The Hope Renaissance Zone encompasses 24.5 blocks of residential and commercial property. The Renaissance Zone Development Plan compliments many of the goals outlined in the City of Hope's Strategic Plan (2010). These goals target the areas of business retention and expansion, housing development and tourism. The plan targets areas in the city that would compliment this type of development.  

Application Procedure
 1.Send or fax request for Certificate of Good Standing from the ND State Tax Department: Request for Certificate of Good Standing

 2.Fill out the Renaissance Zone application completely: Renaissance Zone Application

The application will have to be submitted and approved by all parties before you start construction/rehabilitation. Review of the application takes approximately one month from time of submittal until final approval.

Applications should be submitted to Karen Bergstrom at the Hope city hall. Karen can be reached at 701-945-2772 or 701-524-2645. You may also email Karen at steelejda@mlgc.com to set up an appointment.