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We're Here to Help

The City of Hope would like to hear if you have a suggestion or a complaint. Download the suggestion or complaint form below, or submit the contact form on this page.


City Council Members


Pat Brown 701-490-4512

Council Members

Perry Brown - 701-789-0263

Tim Johnson - 701-566-1409


Jeff Schuety - 218-251-2579

Ian Beaton - 701-330-6437

City Auditor

Charles Yanez - 701-789-0113


Marvin Splettstoesser - 701-840-8070

We'll be in touch!

Suggestions or Complaints

Here you can download a suggestion or complaint PDF form to submit to City Hall. When doing so, it is very helpful to sign the document so the council is able to discuss the issue with you in order to resolve the matter. Feel free to drop it in the drop box located at City Hall or mail it to Hope City Hall. We appreciate your input, and hope to find a positive solution for all involved parties.

Hope City Hall

PO Box 189

Hope ND 58046

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